Daily Care

1. Keep the room clean to minimize dust, and clean the surface of the reborn doll frequently with clean, dry and soft tools.

2. Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, and keep the inside and outside of the reborn doll dry.

3. When cleaning, you can take necessary measures according to the size. For the small ones, first use tape to cover the parts that are afraid of abrasion, and directly put them in the washing machine for soft washing, drying, hanging in a cool place, and intermittently tapping the reborn doll to make Its fur and filling are fluffy and soft. For large reborn dolls, you can find the filling seam, cut the stitches, take out the special parts of the filling special (eyelen cotton), you can not take it (better maintain the appearance) and use tape to stick the parts that are afraid of wear. Wash the outer skin and dry it, then put the filler into the skin of the reborn doll, shape it, and sew it.

4. After the cleaned reborn doll is dry, use a clean comb or similar tool to comb it neatly in the direction of the fur to make the fur smooth and beautiful.

5. Reborn the eyes, nose, and mouth of the doll to see if they are firm.

6. Simple and easy sterilization and disinfection method, you can use a steam iron with a higher power to gently reciprocate the hair on the fluff, which also has a certain sterilization and decontamination effect.

7. The key to washing reborn dolls at home: 30-40 warm water or machine wash can be used for toys with few small parts. Neutral laundry detergent can be used for cleaning. For reborn dolls, cashmere detergent will be better. .

8. How to make the rebirth doll not easy to get dirty and prolong its lifespan. When buying the rebirth doll, don't throw it away, whether it is a paper box or a plastic bag, in case it is used for packing dust during storage. In humid climate areas, in order to prevent the reborn doll from getting wet, you can put a desiccant during storage, and try to avoid the backlog of filled reborn dolls in order to avoid deformation and damage.

The above is the daily maintenance method of rebirth doll! With the improvement of production technology, the business of rebirth dolls has also made greater progress, and the rebirth dolls have become more detailed and realistic. In this regard, Acestardoll advises parents not to buy cheap defective products for their children for cheap! So as not to cause harm to the children~ Finally, Acestardoll, who focuses on the customization of rebirth dolls, hopes that all babies can grow up healthy and happy, and have a dreamy and happy childhood!