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šŸ”„Limitied TimešŸ”„20" Acestar Reborn Baby Doll-Pink petals

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Product Description

We only make genuine dolls, all of which are made by our factory, produced by ourselves, and branded by ourselves. Please rest assured to buy, if you are not satisfied with the received goods, please contact us by email.

  • Size:20-22inch(50-55cm);Weight:about 1.2-1.4KG(2.6-3.0LB).The doll is handmade,will be some error in the size and weight.
  • Head,arms and legs:Soft Simulation Silicone vinyl,Body:Cloth filled with cotton,very soft.
  • Eyes:High Quality Acrylic,can not blink.Mouth:Magnetic,It will come with a magnetic pacifier to fit the mouth.
  • Hair:High Quality Mohair,Manual implantation,can wash and dress up.This is a baby doll,so the hair is a bit less.
  • Doll Clothing:Handmade.According to the doll size.The doll will come with the clothes.
  • This is a perfect doll art designed by a famous artist.Cute and lifelike reborn doll.Made of high quality Soft Simulation Silicone vinyl.Comfortable touch.Safe non-toxic, pure environmentally friendly materials.Head,arms and legs are Soft Simulation Silicone vinyl,body is cloth filled with cotton.Can pose a lot like limbing,sitting and lying.Can not standing.Cloth doll body should not enter into the water.The doll will come with outfits and a magnetic pacifier.It will be a friend of your baby and the one of your family.Wish you love this.
    You will get:
    1.Reborn baby doll *1;
    2.Doll clothes(May be some differences between each batch);
    3.Magnetic pacifier *1(Random color);
    4.Toy bottle *1;
    5.Certificate of Authenticity *1